Dog Daycare

Not your typical Doggy Daycare…

We offer a daycare service in a home setting to only a few dogs at a time with an emphasis on structure and comfort. Dogs can join in two group walks plus lots of time to play and explore throughout the day. Dogs get some down time to relax. This gives us time to pick up/drop off dogs from walks as well as gives dogs beneficial rest time to prevent over stimulation.


Pickup and drop off is by appointment between 7:30-8:30am and 4:00-5:00pm

Eligible day care dogs must genuinely enjoy being around other dogs and not show signs of aggression or separation anxiety (to the point of being destructive to themselves or the home). Adult dogs must be spayed/neutered. A detailed consultation to discuss your dogs needs and social habits is necessary before beginning day care. We may use doggy gates, crates or ex pens to separate dogs when left alone for the safety and comfort of our guests.