Dog Waste Removal

Dog Devotion is proud to offer our clients a complete Pet Waste Removal Service, 12 months of the year.

We are your premier source for the finest pet waste removal service in Guelph and Wellington County. We bring our clients unparalleled expertise and professionalism while doing the dirty work. Not only do we arrive on time as promised, we go about our business in a quick, efficient manner, all while discreetly taking care of your waste removal needs. We sanitize all our equipment and haul away your pet’s waste. We dispose of all waste in an environmentally-responsible manner in accordance with local by-laws. This allows the entire mess to be out of sight and out of mind. Many health problems can be discovered through a quick glance at your pets poop, you are notified promptly if worms, blood, etc are found in your pet’s waste.

 Premium Yard Clean-up
(Residential and Commercial)

Poo Price Chart

Prices are based on an average size city yard and may vary accordingly.  Price will be confirmed after a FREE initial consultation.

There are many advantages to keeping your yard clean. Dog waste compromises the appearance  of your yard, attracts flies and other pests, pollutes ground water, offends the neighbors and most significantly, endangers the health of your pets and family. Call Dog Devotion today for all your pooper scooper needs!
Read what the Guelph Humane Society has to say about Pet Waste


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